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Water Tower Maintenance

Water Tower Maintenance

Water tower water tower maintenance maintenance or water tower repair are necessary services which extend the operational service life of the water tower or tank. When carried out properly and on an on-time schedule, regular maintenance can keep your costs minimal, decreasing replacement and operating costs. Many water systems across the country have advanced into a highly sophisticated system, with many more features than ever before. However, like all complex systems, they are subject to the natural effects of aging. There are many causes of water tower maintenance. These include:

The main causes of tower degradation and loss of performance are age (especially severe in case of saltwater towers) and poor design. Although there are some simple age-related causes of water tower failure, age is usually the primary contributing factor. As saltwater towers are constantly exposed to salty conditions, rust often occurs on the coating, which causes corrosion and ultimately to failure. This rust often shows up as white spots, sometimes referred to as ‘hail damage’, since hail can significantly accelerate the rate at which the water towers lose their coating.


Poor design can also lead to significant degradation of the water tank. Water tower operations can become much more difficult when parts fail in close proximity. It can be difficult for operators to identify failures, particularly in saltwater climates, so regular monitoring and maintenance services are required to ensure continued operation of the water tower and the safety of the water quality itself. Water tank maintenance services are highly specialized and should only be carried out by fully qualified personnel.

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