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Affordable Tailoring – Savile Row Suits

savile row suits

A Savile Row suit is also known as a tailor-made suit, which basically means that it was designed to fit by a professional Savile Row tailor. Savile Row is located in Mayfair, central London and is a place where any number of the worlds top tailors cut and stitch suits completely by hand. Most people think of Savile Row as being somewhere in London but it actually now has a large international following as it is a much loved clothing line. Many celebrities have worn suits from this great London fashion label and you can see many famous stars on television and in film wearing great Savile Row suits.

How to Find Savile Row Suits

There are many different styles of Savile Row suits to choose from, there is your basic off-the-rack tailor-made suit which is perfect for any occasion whether it is work or pleasure. The second style is a bespoke tailored suit which can be tailored to your tastes and desires making it the ideal style of suit for either professional or pleasure wear. The bespoke design is the most exacting of all Savile row suits and is the most popular with consumers. A tailor made suit will have a proper fit and as it is bespoke it will be made the precise length and tailored to your particular body size and style. Your tailor will first measure your height, weight and build to start the bespoke suit.

With the many options available and the fact that a tailor made suit will always look great, many people wonder if it is possible to get a cheaper, less quality Savile row suits. Well the answer to that question is yes and you can get a lower quality tailor made suit that will still look good. A lot of tailoring services are not cheap but they are still professional tailored to your needs and requirements. There are many companies that offer their own tailoring services and although some may appear cheaper it is very often worth paying more to get an excellent tailor to work on your suit. Some of these companies will even do the repairs and tailoring for a small extra fee.

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